Costa Rican Food Fusion

                   Simple, fresh and balanced Costa Rican cuisine.

At Casa Luisa we will create recipes, mixing traditional ingredients from Costa Rica, with recipes from around the world, seeking to create new and different combinations.


Fresh and quality products, from the garden to the kitchen and from the kitchen to the table.

Our meats are certified quality meats, vacuum packed. Our company works with Don Fernando meats ... which is a 100% Costa Rican family business dedicated to the production of premium beef in harmony with the environment.

                                 The menu options may change without notice.

Casa Luisa works with a tasting menu of small dishes to suit the Chef, none the same as the other.

Giving the client the opportunity to taste various menu elaborations, which reflect our type of cuisine, gastronomic knowledge, and homemade specialties.

Our dishes are made with "kilometer 0" products.

Kilometer 0 products are those that have reached less than 100 km until reaching our dishes.
The advantages

- As there are fewer intermediaries, the distribution of profits is fairer.

- The CO2 emissions produced in the transport of goods are reduced.

- By choosing these products we help the local economy.











Cocina costarricense, simple, fresca y balanceada.

En Casa Luisa crearemos recetas, mezclando ingredientes tradicionales de Costa Rica, con ingredientes de todo el mundo, buscando crear nuevas y diferentes combinaciones.


Productos frescos y de calidad , de  a la huerta a la cocina y de la cocina a la mesa.

Nuestras carnes son carnes de calidad certificada, empacadas al vacío. Nuestra empresa trabaja con carnes Don Fernando... que es una empresa familiar 100% costarricense dedicada a la producción de carne de res premium en armonía con el medio ambiente.

                     The menu options may change without notice.

Casa Luisa trabaja con un menú de degustación de pequeños platos a gusto del Chef.

Dando la posibilidad al cliente de degustar varias elaboraciones de carta, que reflejan nuestro tipo de cocina, conocimientos gastronómicos, y especialidades caseras .

Nuestros platillos son elaborados con productos de "kilómetro 0".

Los productos kilómetro 0 son aquellos que hasta llegar a nuestros platos han viajado menos de 100 km.
Las ventajas

  • - Al haber menos intermediarios el reparto de las ganancias es más justo.

  • - Se reduce las emisiones de CO2 producidas en el transporte de mercancías.

  • - Al elegir estos productos ayudamos a la economía local.

Fusion de Comida Costarricense


Executive Menu

Tasting menu of SIX small dishes, distributed as follows:

  • An appetizer to start

  • Two entree,

  • Main course: a fish and a meat

  • And to finish a dessert.

V.I.P Menu

Tasting menu of NINE small dishes, distributed as follows:

  • An appetizer to start;

  • Two entree.

  • Main course: one fish, two meats, one seafood.

  • And to finish two dessert.